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Geolocation Testing Laboratory

We provide you services intended to asses, validate and certify the performance of terminals using GNSS technologies (GPS, Galileo, Glonass, Beidou),
for more reliability and performance.

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Assessment, validation and certification 

of performances of your equipments based on gnss technologies

GUIDE GNSS is an independent geolocation testing laboratory.

We offer services to evaluate the performance of geolocation equipment.

Call on our services :

  • Reduce the risk of implementing hardware that does not comply with your requirements 
  • Reinforce your customers’ confidence in your product 
  • Reduce the cost of GNSS testing 

  A unique range of gnss services

Engineering services to support or advise industrial players in the transport sectors: road, rail, equipment, maritime, aeronautic. 

Test engineering

Specify – Plan – Realize

Test facility engineering

Tools – Methods – Data

performance engineering

Advice and Solutions

GNSS Metrology

Implementation of the most appropriate metrology

Metrology is the science of measurement.

Depending on the problems addressed, the test laboratory implements different metrology techniques, adapted to your positioning problems. 

The data collected by the different types of tests are conducive to the analysis of the most complex geolocation conditions, including masked areas (from satellites), infrastructures returning multi-paths and foliage altering the quality of GNSS signals.

On-site testing

On-site testing are tests in real situations, in representative environments of the missions to be completed.

Learn more about on-site testing >>

Constellations generator

Tests using constellation generators are realized using softwares to synthetize GNSS signals. 

Learn more about constellations generator >>

Test bench

consist in replaying on a test bench GNSS signals and sensor measurements previously recorded during field collection campaigns. 

Learn more about Record & Replay >>

Which test method to choose?

You are lost in your choice of geolocation equipment.

You don’t know which method is the most appropriate for your needs and your budget?

We are here to help you.


Sectors of intervention

Each use case calls for its own solutions, based on technical, financial and criticality criteria.

Automobile and road transport

Railway and tramway

Maritime, port and fluvial

Agriculture and automated engine

Light aviation and drones

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