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GNSS Test Engineering

Quality processes to guarantee reliable results during geolocation tests

The 3 stages of GNSS testing

GNSS test engineering covers all the activities required to carry out measurement campaigns.

They can be grouped into 3 stages:

  • Preparation of test campaigns
  • Production of test data
  • Utilization of test data

This service is based on proven skills in the fields of geolocation and (legal) metrology. Overall, the services provided guarantee the conditions for successful measurements and they are particularly justified when the issues are real.

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GNSS test objectives

Test engineering is the foundation on which the services offered by the GUIDE laboratory are established. Based on our GNSS test services, your organization will derive decisive benefits for your own activities:
  • Secure your industrial and commercial investments with efficient solutions that respond to your customers’ requirements
  • Validate and position the performance of your solutions by tests carried out by a specialized laboratory – you can stand out from your competitors with their unfounded claims
  • Reduce your development time
  • Manage your high-performance solutions, in particular by optimizing the efficiency of your designs
  • Compare the performance of your solutions, from one version to another, from one configuration to another, from one of your models with that of another manufacturer, etc.
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GNSS test and assessment operations are engineered so as to offer services with the following advantages:
  • Validated test methodologies ensuring traceability of results and reproducibility/repeatability of measurements. European standards in particular applied. The standards EN16803-1, -2, -3 summarize best practices and the consensus of experts in the field
  • Precise and reliable measurements from instruments and solutions under test
  • Diagnostics based on guaranteed and precise analyses
  • Representative test campaigns carried out in conditions and environments similar to those encountered by your customers
  • Responding to the needs of established markets or those in the process of becoming so.
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SERVICES provided by gnss testing

Specification of test methods [1,2]

  • Definition of requirements
  • Definition of measurements, test cases and the nature of expected results
  • Selecting of recognized or unrecognized test methodologies

Test scheduling [3]

  • Identification and taking stock of solutions under test (DUT)
  • Selection of the metrological means employed and the personnel involved in conducting the tests
  • Analyse and identification of test environments and platforms
  • Risk identification and management
  • Definition of the test report model

Performing the tests [4]

  • Implementation of tests under the conditions provided for in the test plan
  • Conception and implementation of procedures for the successful completion of tests
  • Implementation of test monitoring and data traceability procedures

Processing and analysis of test data [5]

  • Processing with usable data formats
  • Data processing to determine statistical distributions of measurements
  • Interpretation and analysis of measurements
Test report [6,7]
  • Characterization of performance using recognized metrics
  • Diagnostics and recommendations
  • Certification of results

Figure 1 – V model of test engineering

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