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GNSS for Waterway and Maritime sectors

Geolocalisation on port, coastal and river areas

GNSS services for MARITIME and Port sectors

Logistics and port handling

  • Tracking the movement of goods in the port
  • Monitoring the handling of hazardous materials
  • Optimising the position of the loading machinery
  • Optimising the storage space for goods
  • Optimisation of port traffic
  • Optimisation of waste collection and monitoring
  • Proximity Rail Operator


  • Optimising vehicle management
  • Traceability of operations
  • Pollution mitigation

Port pilotage

  • Navigation facilitation


  • Monitoring dredge discharge
  • Optimisation of dredging operations
  • Development of an integrated dredging plan
  • Optimisation of coastal dredging

Sectors of intervention

Each use case calls for its own solutions, based on technical, financial and criticality criteria.

Automobile and road transport

Railway and tramway

Maritime, port and fluvial

Agriculture and automated engine

Light aviation and drones