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Geolocation performance engineering

Support process to make the most of GNSS technologies in your applications

Where are the benefits of gnss testing? 

Performance engineering covers all the activities required to accelerate development work, facilitate implementation and reduce the costs of using GNSS-based technologies.

They can be broken down into 3 sets of services:

  • GNSS technology management
  • Assistance with contracting
  • Design, consulting and R&D

These services are based on proven skills in the fields of geolocation and metrology.

The services rendered support bodies not specialized in the field of GNSS and wishing to integrate these technologies into their activities. GUIDE thus places its skills, experience, instrumentation and contacts at their disposal.

Geolocation performance engineering

5 benefits of gnss testing

GUIDE Performance engineering covers a wide spectrum of services including those previously mentioned for testing and test facilities.

The 5 benefits of our support for your tests:

  • Clarify your needs and opt for solutions covering all your short and medium term requirements
  • Secure your industrial and commercial investments with efficient solutions consistent with your objectives
  • Optimize your R&D and time spent consulting with potential suppliers
  • Reduce your purchasing, operating and maintenance costs
  • Access new services and features to enrich your activities
    GNSS testing benefits

    Our solutions to support you in your gnss tests 

    Performance engineering combines the design and consultancy services of the GUIDE test laboratory aimed at offering you these advantages:

    • Operational expertise in GNSS technologies for their regular assessment
    • Operational expertise in GNSS metrology using cutting-edge techniques, in particular based on EN16803 standards
    • A working capacity for the assessment and analysis of the GNSS solutions studied; a professional deontology, within the framework of the requirements of ISO17025, to work independently and impartially
    GNSS testing

    The SERVICES provided by gnss technologies

    GNSS technology management 

    • Improved Accuracy and Availability
    • Improvement of hybridization solutions and their settings
    • Improvement of the economic costs of GNSS terminals
    • Improvement of the service level of the applications
    • Improvement of lifetime and maintainability of GNSS terminals.

    Assistance with contracting 

    • Assistance with expressing needs:
      Definition of needs and results;
      – Definition of objectives and means;
      – Drafting technical specifications. 
    • Assistance with choosing technical solutions:
      – Checking of conformity documents to specifications;
      – Performance characterization (ISO17025/EN16803);
      – Validation of the final integration.
    • Assistance with the functional evaluation of applications:
      – Opportunity and feasibility study;
      – Definition and realisation of scenarios;
      – Interpretation of results and recommendations.

    Design, consulting & R&D

    GNSS technologie service
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