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ISO17025 calibration controls of inertial navigation systems (INS) dedicated to metrology

How accurate are your position, speed and orientation measurements as a function of time ?


Inertial navigation systems (INS) used as a reference to determine the true trajectory followed by test vehicles must be checked regularly to verify the accuracy of their measurements on the usual or equivalent test areas.

This metrological follow-up is essential to present test results in compliance with the requirements of the ISO17025 standard.

Indeed, over time, the performance of inertial sensors can be degraded. Accelerometers and gyroscopes can become misaligned when used in harsh environmental conditions, especially in mechanical and thermodynamic conditions. These constraints can also alter the GNSS receiver clock.

    GNSS calibration

    Figure 1 – GNSS/INS Calibration on test tracks


    With reference to EN16803 standards, GUIDE-GNSS proposes to confirm, under accreditation**, the proper calibration of your equipment in real-world and typical usage conditions in order to test its accuracy on several key measurands (e.g.: Position, Speed, Acceleration, Orientation, …).

    The work is carried out by our laboratory with a high end instrumentation duly calibrated and served by an authorized team, applying accredited methods**.

    Furthermore, all precautions are taken to ensure the highest level of availability of products under test. If necessary, interventions of our test-engineers can be planned on your tracks.

      Inertial Navigation Systems – INS :  SBG Systems, IXBLUE, OxTS, NovAtel, VectorNav , RACELOGIC, GeneSys Elektronik GmbH, Inertial Labs

      Figure 2 – Instrumental platform to control GNSS/INS calibrations


      At the end of the measurements, the laboratory commits itself with regard to the stakeholders on the metrological quality of the controlled equipment by delivering a test certificate, under accreditation**, attesting to its performance in operational conditions representative of the targeted mission profiles.

        Figure 3 – Test certificate to declare the conformity of a GNSS/INS calibration