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GNSS for Railway

Tramways, regional and mainline trains, freight

GNSS use cases in the Railway sector

Regional Railway Lines are key infrastructures to maintain and develop the economy of areas far from large cities.

This public service strengthens social links with towns served. The railway industry is conveying 10 times more passengers than aviation. Thus, this service is poised to become a major user of satellite navigation services to modernize the management of infrastructure and rolling stock.
Therefore, the adoption of GNSS as a key element in signaling developments, simply as an operational tool, has begun. It will require a long transition to adapt the current terrestrial technologies to more efficient systems, based on satellite radio navigation.

GNSS services for railway

Main lines

  • Train signaling and interlocking (PTC)
  • Enforced line speed (PTC)
  • Brake control
  • Tilt control management

Regional lines

  • On-Board speed monitoring
  • Moving block management
  • End-of-line stop limits
  • Wayside hazard detectors

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  • Contextual Speed Control
  • Adjacent track discrimination
  • Accurate stops at platforms
  • Accurate stockage
  • Traffic light priority
  • Real time passenger information

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  • Train composition
  • Train separation alert
  • Automatic handling in marshalling yards


  • Preventive maintenance
  • Railroad worker protection
GNSS for railway
GNSS for tramways

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Sectors of intervention

Each use case calls for its own solutions, based on technical, financial and criticality criteria.

Automobile and road transport

Railway and tramway

Maritime, port and fluvial

Agriculture and automated engine

Light aviation and drones