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GUIDE GNSS - A Geolocation Testing Laboratory

Tests solutions for your GNSS equipment

GUIDE is a GNSS/GPS Geolocation Testing Laboratory.

It provides all types of services intended to assess, validate or certify the performance of terminals using GNSS technologies.

GUIDE uses the best suited metrology techniques to conduct tests in real or simulated environments; the tests aim to best represent the situations under consideration.

In 2018 GUIDE became a Collective Interest Cooperative (Société Coopérative d’Intérêt Collectif – SCIC) associating 6 companies and 3 experts specialized in GNSS.

Develops innovative aeronautical solutions.
Intervenes in all areas related to 3D/4D measurements.
Spécialistin precise, reliable and efficient geolocation
Software for rendering synthesized environments.
Independent technology consulting company.
GNSS accuracy augmentation service.

A Centre of Excellence dedicated to GNSS

Created in 2010, GUIDE comprised 12 founding members to develop a Centre of Excellence dedicated to GNSS. The resources were financed partially by the state and local authorities within the “Innovation platforms” program. The mission of this centre was to provide solution developers with the instrumentation, skills and approvals necessary to engage with the most demanding satellite geolocation markets.

In the course of many projects, GUIDE has built up solid operational experience to conduct GNSS metrology tests. Its Quality Management System has been acknowledged and has obtained ministerial approval 2 years in a row for the ECOTAXE project.

Adopted by the European standard EN16803-2, the methods developed by GUIDE have proven to be scientifically sound and economically essential for certifying positioning systems on board all types of transport.

Our services

We offer 5 main types of services:

Identify the types and methods of testing

Implementation of means to assess the geolocation solutions under test.

Real-life tests [ON SITE]

Plan and carry out campaigns on board vehicles. Test the performance of geolocation solutions, with or without hybridization, in their target environments.

Bench tests [IN LAB]

Assess geolocation solutions with real world scenarios or those calculated by a constellation generator.
Simulate critical situations aimed at testing their resilience to unexpected events.

Analysis of test results

Analyse the results in detail, submit diagnostic reports and ultimately make recommendations.

GNSS training

Train customers in geolocation technologies allowing better specification of their needs, in particular by introducing them to GNSS metrology or by advising them for their future consultations.


GUIDE services are available in

3 types of missions :

  • Evaluate the levels of security and integrity inherent in geolocation data, in particular those for autonomous vehicles and trains
  • As an independent expert applying the requirements of European standards, characterize and validate the performance of geolocation solutions
  • Evaluate GNSS performance throughout the industrial process, from design to validation of prototypes to production (Design & Architecture, R&D, Prototyping, Production)

 The skills of its engineers, experts in satellite radio-naviation, extend to legal metrology dedicated to geolocation.

Our references

Aerospace agencies

Legal metrology projects