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Geolocation systems are designed to automate many functions, in particular the guidance of agricultural machinery. They offer new opportunities to improve productivity (energy, time, savings, loads…) and to preserve the environment.

The industrial deployment of these activities, in France and abroad, greatly depends on the reliability and accuracy of position measurements, at any time and in any place.

To meet this challenge, ROBAGRI wishes to promote the rapprochement of the Agricultural, Space and Embedded Systems communities. The sharing of knowledge creates the ideal conditions to innovate and overcome difficulties.



  • Precision of position measurements

The objective is to provide basic information that will allow to both discover and quickly understand the different accuracies and associated GNSS technologies by providing an overview of existing solutions.

By Geodata Diffusion

  • Reliability and resilience to disturbances – Miniature inertial units

Reliability of positioning and heading: this session aims to introduce the advantages of inertial hybridization and the associated selection criteria. The Ellipse-D system illustrates the explanations.

By SBG Systems

  • Validation of components proposed on the market and certification of your own solutions

GUIDE assists manufacturers in the selection, integration and validation of their geolocation systems. GUIDE is dedicated to helping organizations certify the reliability and accuracy of their guidance systems.


  • Experience feedback

The Connect By CNES initiative aims to promote and facilitate the use of space technologies in many sectors of activity. Illustration of the interest of these solutions in the field of agricultural robotics.



  • Xavier LEBLAN – Director – GUIDE 
  • Didier MARTINEZ – General Manager – Geodata Diffusion 
  • Pierre INISAN – Sales Manager EMEA – SBG Systems 
  • Laurent LE THUAUT – Senior Business Developer – SBG Systems 
  • Thierry CHAPUIS – Space Applications Expert – CNES 

Organized by GUIDE GNSS, as part of the ROBAGRI members meetings

Thursday, March 11, 2021 from 9:30 am to 11:30 am

in videoconference

Event reserved to ROBAGRI and Axema members